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How to Show up and Attract Clients with Consistency + Ease

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How to Show Up and Attract Clients with Consistency + Ease.png

How to Show up and Attract Clients with Consistency + Ease


How to Show up and Attract Clients with Consistency + Ease

▪️Tired of sitting on the sidelines in the business you started a while ago, watching other women have the success you crave?

▪️Does it feel like no matter what you know you need to work on to attract clients, you can’t seem to make things “click”?

▪️Have you begun to doubt yourself, questioning if you’ll ever reach your goals because you feel clear on your message, your “What I do” statement and who you want to help, but still can’t attract your ideal person?

▪️Do you feel like if you just understood what it is you’re missing then your business would fall into place?
In this 4-part video series, you'll:

✨ Learn how to uncover your Passion Message, which is the starting point for EVERYTHING in your business and ultimately attracts clients!

✨ Finally create content that doesn’t have you second-guessing yourself so you say what you REALLY want to say HOW you really want to say it!

✨ Discover the two must-have ingredients for using your voice in a way that will get your ideal person to notice you!

✨ Master steps to finally get your confidence game on point so you create a brand that leaves a lasting impression!

✨ Walk away with the clarity you’ve needed to put your business on the right track so you see all your hard work bring you results!
How to Show up and Attract Clients with Consistency + Ease is a training made up of 4 videos, each with an assignment designed to get you started on your path to success!

You’ll walk away having learned the four most important steps you need to master in order to:

🙌 Consistently show up in your business

🙌 Develop a strong confidence-game

🙌 Finally understand what it means to create content that will call in your ideal person!

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"I had such a breakthrough with this 4 day challenge! I was in a place of worry and fear due to a lack of clarity in how I communicate my services. You helped me put word to is and break it down to a simple and powerful message. You have a way of asking questions in a very deep, meaningful and non accusing way! I really appreciate you passion and method!!!"  ~Elena Shanley, Teen Advocate and Family Relationship Coach

"So good! I think really describing this and talking it out has HELPED immensely to be able to EMBODY this feeling when doubt/fear creeps in! I am sitting here, with that goofy smile creeping back on and the warmth in my heart! Ahh thanks woman!"  ~Teri Gosselin, Transformational Strength Coach + Healer

"There was an instantaneous change in attracting my ideal client. People straightaway responded to my content by commenting how much they related to what I’d shared – I hadn’t gotten that before working with Jamie."  ~Dr. Tristan Sophia, Life Coach

"Jamie's 4 day challenge on finding and attracting your ideal person hit my life and business at the perfect moment. I had been having a disconnect between my content and my audience and could not figure out why for the life of me. The key that I was missing was the passion message that I first started my biz on. I had let the passion die out of my content and messaging which created a disconnect between my audience and I. I was being emotional but not connecting to that deep down core of the passion of truly helping women to step into who they want and were meant to be. Thank you Jamie Nuss, you have changed my life and biz for the better while putting the spark and passion back into both." ~Sarah Ankney, Direct Sales Consultant Coach