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Ready to Change Your Business?


1:1 4 Month Coaching

Are you struggling to sign clients?

Are you wondering why everything you’re doing isn’t leading to people wanting to work with you?

Does it feel like your business is stalling, not growing or moving along the way you dreamed it would?

Does it feel like burn-out is just around the corner thanks to your hustle but no sales?

Do you long to create a soul-aligned offer that attracts your soul humans but you don’t know where to start?

You’re in the right place!

Here’s the thing…

Business shouldn’t be hard.

Not when you’re fully and confidently connected to knowing what makes you a unique fucking badass and you uncover your true soul purpose for who you help and what she needs to hear!

I believe when you ask yourself the right questions, dig deep and shift your perspective?

Your business becomes easy, you know exactly what to say, and you attract your soul humans!

Hey there, I’m Jamie Nuss.

I’m a Personal Development & Business Coach with an unusual background. I’ve spent 10 years studying brands and businesses, learning what makes them resonate with their buyers or what makes them a total flop, and I got paid for it.

The space between what you’re doing and why it’s not connecting to who should be buying is my expertise!

But I’m also a paradigm shifter.

My personal-growth game is fire and I’ve gone from leaving the life I had in 2014, with only what I carry and almost zero self-worth, to being a confident badass business woman who says whatever she wants, how she wants, signing clients & making money!

And now I’m going to help you do the same thing.

See, most people teach if you know what you do, who you help, come up with a great what-I-do statement, and use some tools like journaling & affirmations?

Then you can go online, say your piece, post your content, and people will magically fall in love with you and slide into your dm’s left and right, happily paying you for your magic.

Except it doesn’t work like that and if you’re here reading this, then you know it just like I know it.

In fact, I tried it this way.

I was told to do it this way.

Yup, I had the bad coaching experience after spending a lot of $$$ and I did the group programs. Neither of these things got me anywhere in my business.

My entire 1st year of being a coach, I didn’t sign one client or make any money!

A successful business isn’t just mindset or strategy.

It’s the marriage of understanding the package that is You and how to present this online, combined with rapidly shifting your inner game beyond being future-you now or re-writing limiting beliefs.

And this shouldn’t have to take you a long time when you work with someone who knows what questions to ask.

Introducing….Happy, Healthy & Wealthy!

This program does more than give you the tools to finally have a successful business.

It’s a deep-dive into your soul, freeing who you’ve always been and who you’re meant to be.

It’s an education in learning how to literally reprogram your mind so everything about the way you interact with life AND your business forever creates positivity, magnetizes the things you want, and enables you to constantly level up to the next part of your journey.

And yes, it’s a practical look at what needs to be in place and where your mind needs to be so what you say in your content & marketing does its job!

The Training

Deep Dive

Before you can change anything about your business, you need to go deep into your current thought process, experience, and beliefs in order to understand and connect with what needs to change. Once this is accomplished, you’ll have a new awareness of what to focus on every time a limiting belief comes up. Hell yes to learning how to reprogram your thoughts & build lasting self-value!

Package What You Preach

Time to fully create the package that is YOU so your soul human fully sees who you are and what you do as a must-have in her life. Your presentation, ability to connect on an emotional level with the people you serve, and client magnetizing game is so much more than showing up each day and posting content. Time to make sure you’re owning your piece of online space real-estate!

Write Here, Write Now

Content is queen and it’s about time you never struggle again with what to say, how to say it, or wonder why, with all your brilliance and expertise, your soul humans still aren’t connecting to your words. No more lost in translation when your person sees herself in what you say!

Let’s Get Visible

What good is your magic if no one can find you or see you? Time to up your game and find the right way, for you, to be seen and heard! You’ll develop your visibility and marketing strategy so you put yourself in front of the right people in order to build the following you know you’re meant to have. You can’t make an impact, sign clients or have sales without this!

Show ‘em What You’ve Got

It’s not all about the free amazing value you give, right? You’re also here to make money with life-changing offers and programs! But we wanna make sure you have aligned offers you’re so in love with, they become a hell yes for your soul humans! Your strategy, your creativity, your vision all come together in an awesome presentation of what you do & how you help!

Creating Your Way to Play

The backend of your business, the strategies that’ll keep YOU on track, the empire you’re building…take more than your cute face showing up online! Your business success is only as great as your ability to lead it! Becoming your best CEO is a must-have!


Weekly 1:1 Sessions!

Added sessions as needed because if you need it, I give it!

Unlimited messenger support!

Custom strategy designed around who YOU are, how you see the world, your strengths and genius!

Your Results

After 4 months of you showing up and giving it your all, will you be ready for this, 'cuz it’s about to happen!

—> Your soul humans FINDING you, FOLLOWING you, LEARNING from you, and BUYING from you!

—> Content and marketing feeling easy af because you know what your soul human needs to hear and you have zero fucks to give about showing up as your true Self!

—> Can you say knowing wtf to do every day to grow your momentum and be on top of your game? No more wondering where to put your energy!

—> E.M.P.O.W.E.R.M.E.N.T! Not only do you now have legit, proven strategies to rely on for moving you through any mindset tricks your brain tries to pull on you, but you have the confidence & love for yourself you always dreamed you could have!

—> Business savvy to be a badass CEO who knows how to show up every single day in her biz to make shit happen!

—> Prosperous programs you create from your soul, aligned to attract exactly who they’re meant for AND you launch and sell with ease!

—> Clients. Money. Clients & Money! Need I say more?!

—>  A life with purpose, YOUR purpose, that leads to freedom and choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this awesomeness cost?

The cost for 4 months of 1:1 coaching with me is 5k. Yes, payment plans are available.

I’m just starting out my business. Is this the right program for me?

Congrats on your amazing new journey! This is NOT the program for you because this is suited to the coach who has at least a few months under her belt. On the flip side, even if you’ve had your business a year or more, this IS the program for you!

I’ve worked with other coaches before and it sucked. I want to move forward but it’s scary af!

Omg, I feel you! I’ve been exactly in your shoes and spent 5k on my very 1st coach. I ended her program no further along, with zero money or clients, even more confused! It’s why I feel even more dedicated to my clients because I know how it feels! I don’t bullshit about results.

Do you guarantee I’ll have clients at the end of our coaching?

I don’t and I don’t think any coach should. Nothing and no one can determine how quickly you’re able to get clarity or work through your own issues, to dig deep and move yourself forward. I believe if you show you, do your best and do the work then it’s totally possible to sign clients in our time together! A coach is there to work you through the process, guide and support you, but YOU are ultimately responsible for your results.

How much does it cost for 4 months of 1:1 coaching?

It’s 5k! Payment plans are absolutely available!

Do you give refunds?

Nope! But if some crazy circumstance comes up, we’ll totally figure it out!

Are you ready to crush your limiting beliefs, step into your power & design a business and life of freedom?