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Bye, Bitch!

Bye, Bitch!-3.png

I get it.

I get what it’s like to have this idea in your mind of who feel you’re MEANT to be.

Like, you feel it in your bones kind-of-meant-to-be and she’s right there beneath your surface. You think about her at night, when you imagine what your most badass Self looks like if she was running your business and sharing content…she’s there when you’re scrolling your IG feed and see awesome inspiring people who call to your own inner influencer, KNOWING you, too, have what it takes…when you’re on Facebook trying to do your thing…the version of You, your future Self, this woman who IS you, and yet?

You haven’t been able to become her.

She always seems just a step away, which is pretty fucking maddening because you know what you’d say, how you would say it, the ways you would be showing up online, the videos you’d do, the programs you’d create…hello, ALL of it would be IT because she embodies the energy and aura of the woman who’ll get you the life you want, the business you want, the relationships, the clients…the entire kitty caboodle! *not the right analogy but it stays

And it’s not like you have zero self-esteem. You’re out there, doing your thing, people see you, follow you and whether you’ve made money in your business or not, it isn’t like you’re terrified curled up in the back of your closet. But truth?

You DO have self-esteem and insecurity issues that keep getting in your way and you hate it. It’s like it’s the one thing keeping you from being who you know you are on the inside! The fear, the doubts, the questioning, the comparing…sometimes you go big and other times you don’t want to be seen or you hold back or water yourself down…it can even feel like a painful secret you hide.

Plus? You keep trying shit and none of it sticks, fully transforms or leads you to be who you want to be, and you’re actually pretty tired of trying to find what’s going to work. You’ve done the journaling, the affirmations, you wrote out what you want your new story to be, maybe you took a mindset course…you always end up right back where you started!

But that’s about to change.

"Bye, Bitch!" is about saying goodbye to the version of who you are now to become who you know you're meant to be.


I used to have this version of myself I always felt I was created to be and I desperately wanted to become her, because I knew THAT woman was the Me capable of accomplishing everything I've ever wanted.

But I didn't know how to become her! It was like the woman I was, who wasn't serving me anymore, couldn't get out of the fucking way.

So I was living two versions of myself: the me in reality and the me in my mind, who I longed to become.

I desperately didn't want to feel insecure, anymore...

I struggled to truly believe in everything I did because I couldn't figure out how to fully believe in myself....

And I was mentally & emotionally drained, tired from how I was so influenced by people, things and experiences around me determining how I felt about myself and constantly being all over the place....

I wanted the secret to unwavering self-esteem...I wanted to feel fiercely confident in my convictions....and I wanted this idea of the real Me to be my reality!

“Bye, Bitch!” takes what I know, what I've learned, and what I've lived so I could say, "Bye, bitch!" to the parts of me that stood in my way, and now I’m sharing it with you because it’s your time!

It's the real work, with the training, tools and skills needed to finally create the lasting shifts to be who you know you're meant to be!

Careful, because you may just find yourself becoming Future You, NOW!

6 weeks together
6 weeks Private FB group
6 FB lives giving you the goods
6 weeks of life changing shit so you’ll never have to take another mindset course again because you know exactly what’s up and how to change it
6 weeks of interaction, insight, thoughts, guidance, feedback and my love for you

PIF:: $337…………..Payment Plan:: $372 (2 payments of $186) STARTS JULY 15th!