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5 Reasons You Get Stuck On Content & What to Do About It


5 Reasons You Get Stuck On Content & What to Do About It

Jamie Nuss

You know how you have so much to say until you're sitting at your computer and then every content idea seems to have a beginning, but no middle or ending?

So you pick the one that seems like it has legs, that you can run with it and try to get your post done.

Except the longer you sit there?

The clock is ticking away, you've restarted your post half a dozen times, and your frustration with yourself grows and grows, until you're just angry and annoyed and you say "fuck it" and you step away.

There's a few reasons this is happening so take a look and see which one resonates!

  1. Fear of not sounding smart enough, useful enough, or helpful enough.

  2. Anxiety over what people will think about what you REALLY want to say.

  3. Lack of clarity...I know most people think they're clear but this is definitely a sign you need more work.

  4. Comparing yourself...If you find yourself scrolling before you do content, it may be best to save the scroll till after!

  5. You're trying to come across as this idea you think you need to be so you sound like an expert rather than being within your own essence.

Here’s what’s really going on...

It’s not because there’s anything wrong with you, that you’re no good as a coach, or will be in content hell forever.

But you DO need to put some time and effort into WHY this is happening. Ready to know what’s really going on behind this?

The first area to address is your sense of Self. Somewhere along the way, you’ve learned who you are isn’t enough, but this isn’t true! It’s a story stuck on repeat and you CAN change it!

You need to dig deep and make a list of the thoughts you currently have about yourself. Where did they come from? What events can you connect to first feeling this way about who you are?

Then you want to ask yourself, “What proof do I have that these things aren’t true? Look for evidence in your life to show you just that! Then, it’s time to re-write your story!

Re-writing your story takes some time but I promise with practice it will change.

Having a new story is amazing but the work is in constantly re-enforcing it. This means awareness of your present so every time you start to slip back into thoughts that don’t serve you? You catch yourself!

But there’s more than working building up your worth and believing you are enough when it comes to content and ideas once you sit to write.

You need to have more clarity!

Yes, the dreaded ‘C’ word.

You think you’re clear on how you help, who you serve and her problems, but you’re not!

Content issues don’t happen when you understand the crossroads between how you help and what you love to talk about with who you help and what this person wants to hear so she sees herself in your words.

So you need to go back to the drawing board!

I guarantee if you do these two things, you’ll never have a problem coming up with what to say and in fact?

It will be easy!

Which number do sounds like you?

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